Quickly search over 10 million companies and download lists of U.S. importers and exporters by geographic region, shipment volume, carrier, and more.

”Zepol gives us an edge against the rest by providing multiple search fields to help pinpoint leads...Zepol’s flexibility allows us to be innovative serving our existing clients and attract new ones.” -Top International Logistics Co.

Locate and qualify suppliers overseas that manufacture the products you sell or market. See up-to-date shipment activities and to whom suppliers are selling.

“Zepol was instrumental in providing us the information we needed to locate suppliers and reduce our time to market from 6 months to 6 weeks, which resulted in our company being awarded a multi-million dollar deal with Wal Mart...” -President, Automotive Parts Co.

See what your competitors are importing into and exporting from the United States in near real-time. React to market shifts before they happen.

“Zepol's tools have been invaluable to my company in global competitive intelligence and market dynamics. Up-to-date information on imports and exports has allowed us to evaluate market activity and anticipate competitive threats…” -Global Strategic Planning Mngr, Chemicals Co.

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How current is Zepol's data?
Total Shipments: 151,793,368
U.S. Imports as of September 30, 2015
U.S. Exports as of September 21, 2015
Updated through July 2015
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Access Over 10 Million Companies with Zepol.

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Zepol's platform provides access to over 150 million bills of lading from over 10 million companies. This information shows key details on businesses who import into and export from the United States as well as global suppliers overseas. With over 13 years in the trade data business our team of experts assist our customers with lead generation, competitive insights, compliance help, and much more.

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